Data Privacy Terms

Clarification Text on the Processing of Personal Data

This Clarification Text Regarding the Processing of Personal Data is provided by TVİ Gayrimenkul Danışmanlık ve Pazarlama Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. Sti. It has been prepared in order to enlighten the data owner regarding the processing, storage and transfer of site visitor and customer data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.
1-Data controller:
TVİ Real Estate Consulting and Marketing Services Ltd. Sti.
Address: Kozyatağı Mh. Nevzat Bulut Sk. No: 4/2, Kadıköy-Istanbul

2- Purposes of processing your personal data:
•   Recording contact information and real estate information in order to provide real estate consultancy services to our customers with whom we communicate through our website or other channels
•   Collection of information required for the establishment of contracts required by the Real Estate Regulation, such as certificate of authorization, brokerage agreement for purchase and sale, and keeping them for the required periods of time by the regulation
•   Receiving the necessary person and real estate information in order to continue the deed transactions.
•   Informing public officials, upon request, on matters related to public safety
•   To provide our customers with information about real estate for sale and rental
•   To be able to fulfill our legal obligations and to use our rights arising from the current legislation
•    Increasing customer satisfaction, getting to know our customers visiting our site and using them in customer audience analysis, using them in various marketing and advertising activities, and in this context, conducting surveys in electronic and/or physical environment through contracted institutions, and making promotions
•    Group companies TVİ Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. and TVİ Gayrimenkul Danışmanlık ve Pazarlama Ltd. Sti. promotion, advertising and marketing of products and services
3-To whom and for what purposes the Processed Personal Data can be transferred:
•   Your data can be transferred to individual institutions for real estate sales or rental business,
•   The title deed, property owner, etc. information requested by the buyer for the sale or rental of real estate can be transferred to the prospective buyers so that the necessary research can be made or the transaction is carried out.
•   In rental transactions, the tenant information can be transferred to the lessor before the property lease agreement.
•   Due to and limited to our legal obligations, with courts and other public institutions,
•   The group company TVİ Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti (for the purpose of advertising and promotion),
•   With domestic/foreign persons and institutions from which we receive services to store data in the cloud environment, and domestic/foreign institutions with which we have an agreement to send commercial electronic messages to our customers,
•   With Interbank Card Center, with the banks we have contracted with (for transactions such as payment, bank usage, etc.),
•    We cooperate with domestic and international advertising companies and related business partners within the scope of various marketing activities in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
•   It may be shared with other institutions and organizations that we cooperate with in order to carry out our activities.

4-Processed Personal Data and Collection Methods:
Identity information (name, surname, date of birth, gender), contact information (e-mail address, billing and delivery addresses, mobile phone number) shared by our customers online and/or via printed forms and/or telephone; Your customer transaction information (demand information, order information, billing information, customer comments), cookie records, transaction security information (IP Address Information, Website and E-mail subscription registration time) collected during your use of our website will be processed.
5- Your Rights Regarding Processed Personal Data:
In accordance with Personal Data Protection Law, your personal data;
a) learning whether it has been processed or not,
b) requesting information if processed,
c) learning the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose,
d) knowing the third parties to whom it was transferred in the country / abroad,
e) to request correction if it is incomplete / incorrectly processed,
f) To request deletion / destruction within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the KVKK,
g) to request notification of the transactions made in accordance with subparagraphs (d) and (e) above, to the third parties to whom it has been transferred,
h) objecting to the emergence of a result against you due to the analysis exclusively by automated systems,
i) We would like to remind you that you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage in case you suffer damage due to processing in violation of the Personal Data Protection Law.

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Privacy Policy
All rights of the website belong to "TVİ Gayrimenkul Danışmanlık ve Pazarlama Ltd. Şti." (TVİ for short). This privacy policy regulates the protection of personal information shared by users with TVİ in electronic environment and the rights of users in this context, and TVİ will not share such user information with third parties or institutions in cases outside the scope of this policy and the Clarification Text.
The personal information and contact information (address, e-mail, telephone, etc.) submitted to TVİ by the users of our site through electronic registration forms, surveys and similar forms are protected by security software within TVİ. The user information recorded on our site is not shared with third parties and institutions without the user's knowledge and consent, except for the exceptional cases stated below. Although TVİ has taken all the necessary precautions, TVİ will not be liable for any damage if the information in question is partially or completely destroyed as a result of attacks on the website and TVİ's electronic systems, or if it is in the hands of third parties. TVİ has the right to use this information for the purposes of creating a database, conducting market research and creating statistical data, which it will carry out in order to increase the service quality.
Exceptionally, if user information is duly requested within the scope of investigations carried out by authorized public institutions and organizations and administrative and judicial authorities, in accordance with the legislation in force, TVİ shares such information with the relevant institutions, organizations and authorities by fulfilling its legal obligations.
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