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In these terms of use,
myhomeTurkiye.com, TVİ Gayrimenkul Danışmanlık ve Pazarlama Ltd.Şti., contracted real estate consultants and the website "www.myhomeTurkiye.com",
The site refers to the website in the domain name "www.myhomeTurkiye.com",
The User is the natural or legal person who accesses the advertisements, content, services offered on the site and/or creates all kinds of content by becoming a member or visiting the Site,
This website has been created by myhomeTurkiye.com to provide communication and information services between Users who intend to buy, sell or rent real estate and myhomeTurkiye.com.
By visiting or using the Site or becoming a member, the User has clearly accepted and committed that he has read and understood these conditions regarding the use of the Site, that he is bound by these conditions, that he will comply with these conditions and all laws, regulations and other legislation in force regarding the Site. exists.
If the user violates the obligations that he has accepted and committed with these Terms of Use, myhomeTurkiye.com may terminate his/her use of the Site by canceling his/her membership without the need to show any reason or proof, prevent him/her from using the Site in the future and/or legally against him/her. accepts that it can go to lawsuit or proceeding.
myhomeTurkiye.com may classify, organize and use personal data such as User identity and personal information regarding membership on the Site, during the User's security and performance of his own obligations or for some statistical evaluations. The user consents to the use of this information by myhomeTurkiye.com for the aforementioned purposes. These may be maintained by a database hosted at home or abroad.
The user is responsible for using the panel provided through myhomeTurkiye.com, online communication, content publishing and/or sharing, personal content, access to reports and similar services, password security, storage, keeping away from third parties' information and/or unauthorized use. accepts that all matters are under his own responsibility. myhomeTurkiye.com has no direct or indirect responsibility for any damages incurred and/or suffered by the User and/or third parties due to all negligence and defects of the User regarding the security of the login password to the system.
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In case of unauthorized use of the Site via the 'iframe' method, unauthorized linking, unauthorized access by robot, spider, etc., and any similar unauthorized and/or illegal use, necessary investigations will be made and all appropriate legal actions will be taken against those responsible.

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myhomeTurkiye.com does not warrant that the Site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that its content will be error-free, or that certain results will be achieved through such content. In addition, the User cannot hold myhomeTurkiye.com responsible for any damage that may occur due to accessing, using the Site, or downloading any audio, video, text, etc.
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The user may use the comments, suggestions, ideas, requests, texts, graphics, pictures and other information submitted to the Site by myhomeTurkiye.com for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes without paying him or any other person, and myhomeTurkiye.com excluding personal data. accepts and undertakes that it is not obliged to keep this information confidential.
By using the Site and/or by ticking the 'Terms of Use' checkbox through the forms on the site, the User shall be deemed to have read and accepted all the conditions in these Terms of Use. The invalidity of any part of these Terms of Use will not affect the validity of the remainder.
myhomeTurkiye.com reserves the right to unilaterally change and update these terms and conditions of use at any time without prior notice, to come into effect as soon as it is announced on the Site. If the user continues to use the Site after myhomeTurkiye.com makes changes to these Terms of Use, he will be deemed to have accepted these changes.
The user declares that in case of a dispute regarding his use of the Site, the records that myhomeTurkiye.com keeps in its databases and servers and the official book records of myhomeTurkiye.com will constitute valid, binding and conclusive evidence, and that this article has made myhomeTurkiye.com since the offer of an oath, and this article is in the nature of an oath contract. accepts, declares and undertakes that Istanbul Courts will be responsible for the resolution of disputes.