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How do we sell your house in Turkey?

Reach Your Goal in 4 Steps

If you need it, myhomeTurkiye.com offers you services for the sale and rental of your home in Turkey. The four-stage home selling process of myhomeTurkiye.com is as follows:


Fair Value StudyLet's determine the price of your house with free market value study.


Marketing StagePromotion to large audiences with a comprehensive marketing plan.


Location and offerWorking with buyers, negotiating and receiving offers


Contract and deedCompletion of the sale with preliminary contract and deed transactions

Satış Süreci
First pulse.

We determine the current value of your home

We determine the current market value of your home with the Comparative Market Value Analysis method.

First of all, by evaluating your home in all its aspects, taking into account the prices of newly sold and put up for sale houses, free We do a fair value study. In the light of this study, we determine the sales price of your house together. Although there are online applications that provide instant information for the valuation of your home, these applications cannot fully take into account many factors that affect the value of a home. Therefore, it is necessary to start by making a detailed price study for your home. Click on the link below, fill out the form, and we will determine the current market value of your house free of charge.

I want a free appraisal

Satış Süreci
Second step

I will do extensive marketing work for your home

More than just posting, we advertise your home to the masses with our comprehensive marketing plan.

Many houses like your house are waiting for sale at the same time. It takes more than just posting to sell your home at your targeted time and price. Professional photo shoots, advertisements that can reveal the value of your home and make it stand out, and publicity are just a few of these works. Beyond all these, myhomeTurkiye.com makes a difference with special promotions to its very large customer database and brings you to your goal.

Satış Süreci
Third step

We manage the process of showing places and getting offers

We evaluate the requests coming to your home, manage the bargaining process with serious buyers and get written offers.

After the presentation of your home is made with the expertise that can best demonstrate its value, we evaluate the incoming proposals with you. At the end of this evaluation, we carry out the bargaining process with the buyer candidates and receive written offers that are suitable for your request. Again, we create and present counter-offers in line with our mutual evaluations and your request. We will finalize the bargaining process in accordance with your goals by presenting the last offers we will receive.

Satış Süreci
Fourth step

We complete the contract and deed transactions

After the bargaining and contracting process, we complete the deed transaction.

After agreeing on the price, we handle the process for you to complete the sales contract, money transfer and title deed. At this stage, we will be with you so that nothing will spoil your pleasure and you will reach your goal in the easiest way. If credit will be used on the buyer's side, we make the necessary follow-ups. If you are thinking of selling your house, call us now or fill out the form by clicking the link below.

I want to sell my house