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Here are 5 reasons to sell your real estate in Turkey with myhomeTurkiye.com:
  • Large customer database that is hard to access
  • Its power in alternative channels such as e-mail and text message
  • Fanatic customer service with a hundred percent satisfaction target
  • Cloud-based, unique online reporting infrastructure
  • Listing on all leading classifieds sites
Fill in the form below, we'll call you right away and let's evaluate together how to sell your home at the best possible price, the fastest.

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We are at your service when you want to sell your real estate in Turkey. Whether it's to buy a new home or to use the money in another way, sometimes selling our property as soon as possible can be important to achieving our goals. In such cases, contact us and we will sell your real estate as soon as possible.

In today's economic conditions, markets never stay the same. The situation is no different in real estate. While there are many buyers and houses are selling fast for a while, things soon turn upside down and we may encounter property owners waiting in line for sale. For this reason, it is necessary to act in accordance with the market conditions, both in terms of price and approach.

For this, myhomeTurkiye.com applies marketing strategies that are suitable for market conditions. First of all, it determines the most accurate price for your property in accordance with your goals. Makes professional photo shoots of your property. Promotes your property by walking around buyers. It receives offers on your behalf and carefully evaluates these offers. Even if you are not nearby, it reports every detail to you through the online customer panel.

When buyers place a show, you will definitely be notified. Proposals suitable for your target are received in writing from prospective buyers and transferred to you as they are. The intensity of incoming calls is regularly reported to you through your panel. Marketing studies and advertisements placed on advertisement sites are also reported to you through your panel.

When we come to the conclusion, the preparations for the deed process are made. We will go over all the details and inform you so that the deed transfer can be carried out smoothly and you receive the sale price of the house.

In short, with myhomeTurkiye.com, you can reach your financial goals by selling your real estate in Turkey in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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