Do I pay a service fee when selling a house in Turkey?
When you authorize HomesalTurkey for the sale of real estate in Turkey, you do not pay any price. When HomesalTurkey completes the sale at a price you approve, it charges you a service fee of 2% of the sale price.
How can I rent the house I bought in Turkey?
HomesalTurkey offers you the service of renting your house by choosing reliable tenants.
What should I do in the process of buying real estate and residence permit in Turkey? offers you services in all your purchasing, residence permit and citizenship processes.
How can I sell my real estate in Turkey? offers you services for the sale of your properties in Turkey when you need it. HomesalTurkey, with its wide customer base and marketing network, supports you for the value and fast sale of your real estate in Turkey.
Can I get legal and financial support for starting a business in Turkey and similar issues? offers you legal and financial advice on the issues you may need, with its reliable business partners, so that you can adapt to life in Turkey.
Does help me with accommodation and project visits when I come to Turkey for investment? organizes and accompanies you during your visits to Turkey for real estate investment, pick-up from the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation and project visits.
After buying a house in Turkey, what should I do to renovate the house?
HoemsaleTurkey supports you to get quality and affordable service through reliable business partners.
How much is the service fee?
When you buy real estate from a new project in Turkey through, you do not pay a service fee to HomesalTurkey receives the service fee only from the seller. When you buy a second hand real estate through, charges you a service fee of 2% of the purchase price.
In which regions of Turkey is real estate investment more profitable?
Turkey is a country with a wide geographical and cultural diversity. Therefore, there are many real estate investment options. However, especially Istanbul, as a major world metropolis, is getting more and more valuable every day and attracts attention as a real estate investment option.
Can citizenship be obtained by real estate investment in Turkey?
When you buy real estate in Turkey for the time being over 250 thousand USD, you can first obtain a residence permit. Afterwards, you can apply for the right to citizenship after residing in Turkey for five years.
Can I make a real estate investment in Turkey without coming to Turkey? introduces you projects and portfolios by offering all the possibilities of technology. When you authorize us through the consulate in your country, it initiates and executes all transactions on your behalf.
If I buy real estate directly from real estate projects, won't I pay less?
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